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-Wednesday, Mar. 31, 2004-
Layout, nostalgia, and Anne Frank

-March 30, 2004-
New template!

-March 30, 2004-
Miscellaneous Rings

Goodbye Eowyn!

My lack of confidence hasn't gotten me anywhere

Ooh, I won a Switchfoot CD

How I feel about reviews

Awana, angels, dusting, and other stuff

Trusting God...

I worked on a template last night...

I'm gonna have to work on my parents tonight...


College costs really are going up, it's scary

Thinking about a change

Snow today, and list-making

Dum dee dum

Awana, and story excerpt

I know what I want my next dvd purchase to be...

-March 18, 2004-

-March 17, 2004-
Financial aid stuff


One of my new favorite movies, and other stuff

-March 14, 2004-
A nostalgic ramble

-March 13, 2004-
Kinda home alone

-March 12, 2004-
My busy friday

-March 11, 2004-
Collecting sap, and other miscellaneous things

I got accepted!

Essay woes

Don't come visit us, we're ill

non-interesting personal matters, etc.

A ramble about college woes and other stuff

Lazy Saturday, and FotR

Another long, boring entry

Verification is annoying

Doctor's visit

I'm better now...

Degreesness, and coldness

Girl stuff, maple syrup stuff, and The Oscars