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-Growing writer-
-Thinker of odd things-

-Wednesday, Jun. 30, 2004-
Let's hear it for uniqueness!!

-Monday, Jun. 28, 2004-
Gotta love Grandparents

-Sunday, Jun. 27, 2004-
Not all tears are evil ... and it's a good thing, too

-Friday, Jun. 25, 2004-
Proud to be laconic

-Wednesday, Jun. 23, 2004-
It's hard to think of a simple title when I'm always so random

-Tuesday, Jun. 22, 2004-
A song

-Sunday, Jun. 20, 2004-
I guess I'm a College Girl now...

-Friday, Jun. 18, 2004-
Pools and schools (WOW, I made a rhyme!)

-Thursday, Jun. 17, 2004-
Just an update - because I CAN

-Monday, Jun. 14, 2004-
Going buggy!

-Sunday, Jun. 13, 2004-
What if we all hung around?

-Thursday, Jun. 10, 2004-
One step at a time...I'll get there eventually

-Monday, Jun. 07, 2004-
Growing up

-Saturday, Jun. 05, 2004-
Overcoming myself

-Friday, Jun. 04, 2004-
Unimportant talk

-Thursday, Jun. 03, 2004-
College update

-Wednesday, Jun. 02, 2004-
Abortion and slavery